Kothimeera Karam (cillantro chutney)

By : Sree Kala
Spicy and sweet chutny, it tastes good with rice, chapatis or snacks.


kothimeera (cillantro)- 1 big bunch
Green chillies 3-4
Dried red chilies- 15-20 (you can vary this per taste. If you can get less spicy ones, you can use more. They give a nice flavor.)
Minapa Pappu(udad Dal)- 4 table spoons
Senaga Pappu (chana Dal)- 1 table spoon
Menthi (methi seeds)- 1 table spoon
Aavalu ( mustard seeds) - 1 table spoon
Chinta pandu (tamarind)- size of a golf ball.
Bellam ( jaggery) - 1/2 of tamarind ( you can vary this per your taste)
Uppu (Salt) per taste


Roast Udad dal, chana dal, methi, mustard seeds,a and red chillies til the udad dal turns golden color. Switch off the stove and add green chilies and chopped cillantro and close the lid. Let it cool.
make a paste of jaggery and tamarind using some boiled water. let it completely coil down to room temperature.
Grind the all above to a coarse paste.
Spicy and sweet cillantro chutney is ready.

Other Information:

Qty:5-6 servings
Storage Time & Location: Stays good for 1 week in refrig
Category:Chutnies - Vegitarian

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